Welcome To Fit Living By Chris

I want to introduce you to a life full of fitness and joy!

Fitness started as a great hobby, and has shaped up into a fun career.  I love to inspire others.  Believing in yourself is what matters, and it is what will give you the strength to help you succeed in all your endeavors.

With commitment, consistency and focus I have found that anything is possible.

Look better!  Feel better!  Transform yourself!

“Cristina’s combination of aerobic challenges (spinning jumps, treadmill hills) and balance/core conditioning are truly amazing!  Cristina “walks her talk”, is extremely knowledgeable, demonstrates all exercises, and is upbeat, professional, experienced and always focused on your health and well-being!   We will be lifelong clients!  Thank you!”


Martin & AnnMarie Sears

“A great cardio workout. Challenging and fun. Chris is a great motivator.”


Paul Constantino

“TRX system with Cristina is the way to go if you want your muscles to have real work out. I love it!! You will feel your muscles toning as soon as you are done with your first session.”

Maria Urgel